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About yayayoe

Welcome to our Family Travel Blog.

 Hi! I’m Arun, your travel facilitator and the founder of this website. My passion is to explore the whole world and experience different cultures. Moreover, my mission is to inspire and encourage you to travel the world.

Hi! I’m Ancy and I am a passionate writer and an IT Buff. You have to believe me, travelling is quite addictive and I am really enjoying now. Being a mother of 2 year old kid, we enjoy travelling together as a family.

If you ever wondered what does ‘YAYAYOE’ really meant, please go ahead to read about our story!

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Special about yayayoe

Who is yayayoe?

This is our daughter Sarah, who loves travelling! She is yet to say her name the right way, but she made us start this travel blog! When we were on a trip to Mahabaleshwar (300 KM south of Mumbai), she spoke her first word. Surrounded by beautiful lush green mountains, it was magical to hear her voice for the first time! Wanna guess what it is?

It is “Yayayoe!”

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Our Travel Story

How it started?

Right from the days when we were together, we were determined to travel to a new location every week. We enjoyed traveling to numerous places across the southern part of India. Those were the days when we were travelling risk free. As well as, we had literally no stress of managing a family. Days passed… Years passed.. and now we have a cute daughter bossing us!

Re-kindling our passion

Our travelling passion started to dwindle post the birth of our daughter. Of course, it is normal for anyone to take time as labor drains you. Our travelling passion started to dwindle post the birth of our daughter. Of course, it is normal for anyone to take time as labor drains you physically as well as emotionally. It took us a long time to realize that we lost the zing in our life. Moreover, we understood that the missing element was travel!

By the time we started travelling again, our daughter was already a year old. If you are parenting, we would suggest not to wait too long to introduce travel to your kid. Firstly, traveling makes you relieve all the stress you have gone through during the first 6 months of parenting. Secondly, your kid starts seeing the world in a different way. They learn a lot by just seeing things and new people! Finally, your kid starts to understand the family bonding.

Birth of Yayayoe

It was our fourth trip as a family which made us start this blog. On this trip, we explored mahabaleshwar in 4 days. on the second day, we had a little trek to reach the top of Pratapgad fort. Our little one was happy and shouting all the way as drops of rain fell on her. When kept asking her name during the trek, she suddenly started to say ‘YAYAYOE’. And that is how the blog came alive.

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What can you expect from the site?

Have you ever wondered about travelling smarter? Travel is always a costly affair and that too traveling as a family of 3 or 4 can be a bit expensive. Having said that, you would always want to get the maximum returns for the money spent. I mean, you would like to explore your favorite spots in the same trip rather than visiting again. You are in the right place, where we provide you with the tips to visit amazing places from our real experience. Below is the gist of what you can expect from our site,

How to choose your travel Destination?

What to pack for the specific destination?

Do you find it difficult to plan and book your travel?

Do you feel unsafe/impossible to travel with a Kid?